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“CheckWriters is happy to be able to partner with Background Examine to offer you the most powerful employment screening tools to add to your hiring process.”

We encourage you to add Background Screening to your applicant hiring process. If you are already doing it, we are happy to pass on some extra savings through this partnership. Its easy to sign up and get started today!





“The average cost of a negligent hiring lawsuit is estimated to be $1 million.”

The below article touches on some risks you can face by not performing background checks. Its quickly becoming one of the most important parts of the hiring process.



4 risks your company can face when not having background checks as part of the hiring process.


The Background Screening Profession serves several critical functions, including:

  • Protecting the rights of consumers;
  • Promoting safe homes and workplaces;
  • Helping employers comply with state and federal screening regulations;
  • Helping public and private employers make informed placement decisions;
  • Providing risk mitigation tools for employers.


There are a variety of background screening companies in the industry and their methods vary dramatically. While all companies offer some kind of background check,  at Background Examine we guarantee you will get the best in the business. We offer a variety of criminal searches that allow you to get the most accurate results based on your organizations needs.

Criminal Records: We offer a variety of services to help you customize your screening needs that can vary based on an employees position. Nationwide, County Criminal records and National Sex Offender records are a small sample of what we can offer.


DRUG TESTING: Background Examine offers a variety of solutions for your workplace drug screening programs. We offer DOT drug screening including random programs to keep you compliant. Our drug screening network is extensive and covers the entire country.


Motor Vehicle Records:  Ensure your employees have a clean driving record before driving a company vehicle. We can help mitigate liability by identifying individuals with a dangerous driving history.


Education and Employment Verification: Our team of experts can create an impartial method for verifying an applicants education history and employment history. Let us do that hard work when verifying an applicants information is accurate.