See New Criminal Charges As They Happen with Continuous Background Checks


What Exactly Is Post-Hire Continuous Monitoring?

For decades, employers have turned to pre-hire background screens to identify criminal activity among prospective employers. Monitoring provides real-time alerts on new criminal activity among a population, and eliminates the need to “wait” until the rescreen to catch new issues.

A staffing company hired a police officer for off-duty work as a security guard after running a background check. Months later, the officer was arrested and charged with domestic battery and strangulation. The man was fired from his job as a police officer, but the staffing agency was not aware and continued to employ him. The next year, the security guard was charged with homicide for an on-the-job incident. The company faces multiple lawsuits.

Who To monitor?

Real Time Criminal Monitoring is ideally suited to monitor those positions that require an additional level of trust or certification, particularly those in the healthcare, education, and financial services industries. It is also particularly relevant to transportation and fleet services, as it alerts an employer to any motor vehicle violations.

How It Works

Employee Roster
Employer uploads current employee roster, or subset of roster, to monitor for changes to an employee’s criminal records history.

Arrest Activity 
Criminal Records Watch monitors booking database for a relevant activity.

Identity Confirmation 
The system matches arrest activity to a roster employee’s identity.

Court Search 
The system initiates court searches to monitor for a reportable criminal records activity (e.g. pending court date or conviction).

When actual or pending convictions arise for current employees, the employer is alerted.

Consumer Report 
The employer receives a consumer report.

The employer now has the information to initiate intervention or adverse action.

How Does Pricing Work?

Monitoring is a simple monthly subscription price, based on the number of individuals who are being monitored.

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