Drug Screening

Drug abuse in the workplace affects not only its employees but also the company’s productivity and integrity. Using drugs impairs the ability to come up with the right decisions and physically handicaps people. It is definitely inappropriate to be in a place where drug abuse may lead to a large scale of inefficiency, productivity and safety.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), at least 68.9 percent of drug users are employed and active in the workplace. Illegal sale of drugs is not uncommon in the workplace. The Department of Labor and Workplace Development of Tennesseereported that at least a third of all employees are aware of this.

Substance abuse may lead to the following:

  • Arriving late to the workplace
  • Having poor work performance
  • Not staying in one workplace for too long
  • Struggling with productivity
  • Filing for workers compensation claims and benefits

Background Examine offer several types  of testing options for your needs.

Urine Testing: 5 and 10 panel tests available.

Hair Folicle Testing

Oral Fluid Testing



DOT COMPLIANCE PROGRAMSBackground Examine offers random drug testing, employment verification, and training programs that are customized to meet DOT requirements.

MRO Review – Employers can protect themselves from potential ADA claims by having positive results reviewed by a medical doctor who can determine if the positive result is caused by a legally issued prescription.

Electronic Chain of Custody – Streamline your process with our electronic claim of custody forms instead of your traditional multi part form. Electronically dispatch the test directly to your applicant to speed up the process.

Drug Free Workplace programs – We can help manage and design a drug free workplace program at your work sites.