Employee Criminal Checks

Background Examine is proud of the extensive network of criminal information we can deliver to our clients. Our team can help you understand exactly what you need when running criminal checks for pre-employment, tenant, or volunteer screening. We are here to help you find the best possible option for you.


Court Records: Our nationwide network can provide court records from anywhere in the US. Our records dig deep into the local county records offices for the most up to date information.

 National Criminal Database: This search network pulls from over half a billion criminal records compiled from 300+ sources. Data sources vary from state to state.

 Federal Records: This search compiles records from federal district court convictions on your applicant. This can be run by state or nationwide.

 Sex Offender Registry: This search comes from a nationwide search of sex offender registries to offer the most up to date information on your applicants.

 International Records: We are extremely proud to have a great international network to allow criminal searches from 200+ countries worldwide.

Background Examine Premium Criminal Check is our most popular search. This search includes a SSN Address Trace which which is used to confirm an applicants address history. A County Criminal Records check is then performed going back 7 years. We then couple that with our National Criminal Database search, our Nationwide Sex Offender search and our Global Watch List search.