Tenant Screening Pricing Packages

Please see a detailed chart of package options for tenant screening that we offer.











*Additional state fees may apply

*Hard credit report pulled on applicants for detailed credit history

*Landlord Reference Check includes two verifications

If you would like to submit a tenant screening request please fill out the form below.

Tenant Screening request form
For a tenant screening request, please fill in your applicants information and we will process your request by emailing your applicant all the necessary documents to sign and authorize the check to be completed. If you upload a disclosure and authorization we will review the document and process the report for you.
This is now required in order to electronically have your applicant sign the necessary disclosure and authorization forms.
Please list your applicants current address.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If you have your own signed disclosure and release form from your applicant, you can upload it here. Otherwise we will electronically send your applicant a "QuickApp" email to submit their private information.