About Us

Background Examine - cybercrime

History of Company


With over 25 years of industry experience, Background Examine was founded on the basis that there was not a streamlined option for background screening. Over the years we have refined our services to allow for the most state of the art system to make screening your employees and tenants as easy as possible.


Our Promise

Background Examine is invested in providing the best solutions to our clients and partners. We invest in the best resources and partnerships to allow the best final product.

We will always put our clients concerns and interests first and foremost. We will also promise to continue to be on the leading edge of the industry to allow your company to have the best resources available.

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Secret to our success


+ The best in the business.
+ Compassionate 
+ Creative and strategic thinkers
+ Problem solvers


+ Customisable programs
+ Instant solutions
+ On call help
+ Easy admin solutions


+ Powerful software
+ Quick app
+ Paperless solutions
+ I-9 and E-Verify solutions


+ Always striving for excellence
+ The highest standards
+ Thinking outside the box
+ Breaking the mold