Motor Vehicle Reports

Employers want and need to know that an employee that will be driving for them is safe and responsible behind the wheel. A review of an applicant’s driving record will show whether they have been involved in risky behavior like excessive speed, or illegal acts like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

An employer looking for someone to drive during the evening needs to know if their candidate is only allowed to driving during the day.

MRVs are a very important piece of the background screening process for many industries. If you are working in a Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated industry you are required to request a new copy of each driver’s MVR every 12 months.

Validate applicants’ driving history so you can better assess and manage risk.

Our Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) lets you quickly and easily determine an individual’s driver’s license status and identify traffic-related violations on individual driving records. Through our connections to DMVs across the nation, you will obtain valuable information on drivers in real-time,* letting you make faster, more informed decision.