Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is one of the most important processes a landlord should go through. Ensuring you are getting the right candidates into your property can save you thousands of dollars and alleviate any potential headaches.

In the past property managers and landlords had balance their time with tenant reference checks, background checks, Credit Checks, etc. But now Background Examine makes it easy for you to quickly and effectively screen potential tenants to ensure the right candidate for the property.

Our award winning technology and top level customer service will have you placing the right tenants in no time.


Property managers can leverage our system to consistently select highly qualified residents who will pay on time. Whether you are seeking detailed criminal records, sex offender records, eviction history or credit information, we have the tailored solutions for you and your properties.

Criminal Records: We offer a variety of services to help you customize your screening needs that can vary based on an employees position.


Verification Services: Our team of experts can create an impartial method for verifying an applicants employment and rental history.


Credit Reports:  Ensure your applicant has a good credit history to know they will pay their rent on time. We have years of experience in the credit reporting industry and can help you navigate the complex reports to fully understand what your applicants credit history means.


Eviction Records: Leverage our in depth national database search that instantly searches over 30 millions eviction records from around the nation. In addition, we can use our extensive network to manually search individual state evictions databases.

Custom Scoring: Take advantage of our “Scorecard” feature to set company specific standards to pass, fail, or review an applicant. Customizing limits of credit history, criminal records, and evictions, you can streamline the process with the Scorecard.